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Before working with Hank, I was working really hard but not seeing results. I began seeing results with his coaching very quickly. I am getting faster and stronger without feeling as worn down. His focus of efficiency and form has greatly improved my performance. I am in a continuous process of seeing how far I can go in this sport and how fast I can get. A peripheral goal is the enjoy the training process as much as the races. Hank has made this possible but keeping me mentally and physically strong for each workout through proper recovery.

Nan GelberBirmingham, AL

Before working with Hank, my training lacked structure, was loosely focused around upcoming races and was largely based on what I felt like doing for that particular day without any long term objectives. Coach Hank changed all of that.

Together we have clearly defined my long term goals and devised ways to achieve them. His training schedules are thoughtful and detailed. Each phase has a clearly defined objective with a wide range of workouts so you will not get bored. Each plan is designed so you reach the next level of your athleticism. If you are new to the sport of triathlon, like I was when we first met, he will explain the purpose behind each workout. If you are a seasoned athlete looking to improve he will provide that too.

Hank is well aware of the what an athlete experiences as they train so he is not afraid to tell you when you need to buckle down and do the work or when to tell you to take a break. Regardless of whether you are new or a veteran, it is clear that coach Hank draws on a lifetime of experience to guide you toward becoming smarter, stronger, and faster in the world of triathlon. If you are looking to build a lasting relationship with a coach so you can become a more complete athlete then look no further.

Oh yeah, he's funny too!

Dwight Watkins III,  St. Petersburg, FL

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