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"GUTS, A simple statement of character."

A few weeks ago, I had the privledge of spectating at the Escape from Fort Desoto Triathlon. I really love being out there cheering for the competitors when I'm not racing. Trying to motivate them to have fun while racing is my goal for being as loud and as silly as I can be. For a lot of the racers, this is their catharsis. It's the rare opportunity to go out and test themselves in an environment that can never really be duplicated anywhere else. They ask and get answers to, "Where is my fitness right now? How do I stack up against my competitors? Will I make it?!" And even sometimes, "Who am I?"

These questions are all important because they give us the motivation to continue throughout the race and even the motivation to continue training after. While we're out there, exploring these questions, it's important to put the answers we get into context. Going through this challenge makes us more balanced people. If we go out there and give what we have on the day, it's a good day; no matter the result we end up with. Knowing that you put yourself out there to see what you're made of IS the challenge. It's not about some t-shirt or medal or prize money. Your result doesn't define you because when you're out there on that course and you're struggling a bit (or a lot), you are only your character. You're not a doctor, a lawyer, a coach, a mom, a student, an employee, a boss; you're just a person moving forward towards that finish line. And if you do it right, it takes guts.


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