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Controlled "FALL"ing forward

It's after Labor day and theoretically the weather should be getting cooler soon. For some of you, it's championship time. The fall is when Age Group nationals, Ironman World Champs, Ironman 70.3 champs and countless other season ending adventures take place. It's a time when the whole summer of racing comes to ahead and we should (in theory) be at our season's peak fitness. I get very excited about this time of year because the running season here in Florida begins to pick up. Just about all endurance sports junkies get the chance to make things a bit simpler in the coming months and do less training in all three sports and focus more on their running.

Many athletes have heard me define proper running form as "Controlled Falling Forward". I say this to emphasize the need to keep your center of gravity slightly forward as if falling and the legs are used to convert that energy into forward motion with as little resistance as possible to maintain the momentum. I often work with people who have forgotten this natural human movement for whatever reason. Landing on the heel with the knee straight does nothing to keep the momentum and in fact, requires more energy to overcome the stoping motion that has occurred. In this time be sure to hit the trails more often and take your shoes off occasionally (for only short distances) and re-learn how to run the way you were intended. Short, quick & effortless steps that don't resist you but invite you, to keep going further and faster!


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