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 Most athletes will always tell you the way to improve is through training. This is an aspect of athletics that almost everybody understands intuitively, "I train properly and I will improve". Most often what happens next, is we train our bodies physically, but it seems like many people neglect preparing their mind. When dealing with mental preparation their are a few key aspects that we should focus on.

Developing a positive attitude and maintaining positive self-talk through adversity.

Rick Pitino, University of Louisville Head Basketball Coach has said, "You can program yourself to be positive. Being Positive is a discipline … and the more adversity you face, the more positive you have to be. Being positive helps build confidence and self-esteem".

It takes time and effort to develop this positive inner dialogue with yourself to the point where you will maintain a positive outlook even in your toughest workouts and on the race course. The mind is the hardest muscle to train. Repetition is crucial for success. Every time that you train, you have the opportunity to work this key aspect for success. So remember that sometimes there is more to a workout than just the physical, in order to get everything we have out of ourselves we need to be mentally sharp and prepared as well.

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