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I've been very lazy with my blog posts for the last two years and while the excuses are arguably legitimate, I still feel guilt for letting it go absent this long.  My son turns 3 on Independence day and his sister just turned 7 months. Some of my friends have referred to this phase of parenting as, "in the weeds". While I certainly understand what they mean, I have a really hard time believing that I cannot do certain things. I was raised to believe that, "You can do anything if you put your mind to it!" I certainally believe this is true but that doesn't mean you SHOULD do every thing because eventually that mind of yours will be over-taxed and lose a majority of it's processing power. 

This is certainly one of the outlooks to have with myself and the athletes with which I work. Just because you CAN do Nationals & then an Ironman the next weekend, doesn't mean you should. The type of athlete that should is going to be the individual that is ready to compromise one, if not both of those results. I have had success with people doing this exact scenario in the past as well as some bitter failures. Just like parenting a baby and a toddler, it comes back to attitude and expectations. If you expect a challenge but you commit to doing the absolute best you can, you can survive and probably discover something about your character in the process. There will be failures along the way but growth will be inevitable as well. 

Always keep an open mind because the good races come and the kids will (eventually) grow up. 

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