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2016 Will Be Epic!

The ole blog will be getting more content for 2016 as I will be preparing for the Breck Epic MTB stage race in August. There will be plenty of events and lots of training along the way that I will be sharing with you (world). I hope to provide info that will let you experience some of my adventures as well as tips of what to do and not to do in the process. One exciting development for 2016 is my selection as an ambassador for Absolute Black

Absolute black was an early adopter of manufacturing aftermarket Narrow-Wide chainrings for 1x drivetrains. In my opinion they are the best as well. The intricate machining and attention to detail is striking. I purchased one of their SRAM spiderless rings last year and have been in love with it since. They are now offering other unique products such as Ovalized rings and Narrow-wide single speed cogs that increase chain retention. Please check them out and see what you think. I'll be reporting on all of the products I obtain throughout the year. 

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